The EUROBY 2008

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When Where
June 15th 2008 Room 1 AI Lab
Room 2 AI Lab
Big Hall AI Lab
Uni Zürich
Institut für Informatik
Andreasstrasse 15
8050 Zürich (Oerlikon)
June 16th 2008
June 17th 2008
June 19th 2008
Kunst Stadion Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung
Hauptplatz 8A
A -4010 Linz
Rats Stadion
Renaissance Stadion
Rathaus Foyer
Altes Rathaus
Hauptplatz 1
A- 4020 Linz
June 20th 2008
June 21th 2008
June 22th 2008

The Entrance is free

The European champion in robot football will be crowned in Linz June 19-22, 2008. Joint tournament organizers are Wels Technical College, Leonding University of Applied Science, Stadtwerkstatt and Ars Electronica Linz GmbH. The Vienna University of Technology is responsible for the scientific side of the proceedings.

The teams will be getting an initial feeling for the competition during a preliminary round in Zurich. The EUROBY 2008 finals are set for June 19-22, 2008 in Linz. Over four days, a stadium atmosphere will pervade the Old City Hall and the Art University, and teams will be fired up on the immortal watchwords of Austrian soccer legend Hans Krankl: “We have to win. Everything else is primary!”

Two Austrian Teams Go into Action

Vying for honors at EUROBY 2008 are xx squads from x countries. Austria is represented by two entries: the Vienna University of Technology and Leonding University of Applied Science. The Vienna boys have long been among the world’s top-ranked contenders and go into the competition with realistic dreams of glory. The wild bunch from Leonding are (still) rank underdogs, though this sleeper pick just might be good for a surprise or two.

Battle of the Systems

The undisputed stars of EUROBY are the robo-kickers that’ll be duking it out on the pitch. But prima donnas don’t get the job done here; team play is what counts. That’s why, as soon as the opening whistle sounds, the team processor takes command. A camera registers the players’ positions 120 times per second and forwards the data to the processor that, in turn, performs a split-second calculation of the next play and radios it to the robo-kickers.

For Fans and Soon-To-Be Fans

And what would this showdown of sporting titans be without fans packing the stands to root for their favorites, cheering on big goals and commiserating when things go the other way? Even if this is all done with tongue firmly in cheek, the EUROBY will provide a worthy setting for enthusiastic support by devotees of this sport. There’ll be a Fan Zone with showcases highlighting the next match and a betting parlor to get the crowd into the spirit of things. A “Pit Lane” type setup will provide team workspaces where the crews can do their last-minute tinkering, soldering and screw-tightening. Then, when the referee’s whistle blows and the teams take the field, the action is accompanied by expert color commentators who know how to whip up just the right brand of high-tech frenzy among competitors and spectators alike!

Needless to say, robot football will occupy center stage at EUROBY, but this event will also feature an entertaining and informative framework program to present additional aspects of robotics. Visitors will see how robots could perform Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” on stage at the Schäxpir Festival and experience a beer-drinking robot that’s programmed to seek refuge in alcohol.

For Scientists and Anyone Interested in Robotics

Robot football may seem at first glance like just a bunch of guys screwing around with gadgets, but the scientific insights gained thereby constitute the basis for future industrial applications—for instance, deploying intelligent robots in factories and hospitals. Robot football is a relatively new high-tech application that’s being pursued by R&D people in the fields of mechatronics, robotics, artificial intelligence and software technology, and the EUROBY aims to provide a fruitful setting for such interdisciplinary encounters. Scholars in the natural and social sciences will convene for addresses and discussions that shed light on many different aspects of robotics.

Organizer and Sponsors

The EUROBY 2008 is an official event of the Federation of International Robosoccer Association (FIRA). The Vienna University of Technology’s Institute of Handling Devices and Robotics (IHRT) is handling the scientific side of things. Joint organizers are Wels University of Applied Science, Leonding Technical College, Stadtwerkstatt and Ars Electronica Linz GmbH.

The EUROBY 2008
June 19-22, 2008

in Linz (Lobby of the Altes Rathaus / Kunstuniversität)