Narosot League

The league with the smallest robots. A match shall be played by two teams, each consisting of five robots, one of which can be the goalkeeper. Three human team members, a "manager", a "coach" and a "trainer", shall only be allowed on the stage. One host computer per team, mainly dedicated to vision processing and decision making process, shall be used.


  2. Leonding MICROS

The size of each robot shall be limited to 4 cm x 4 cm x 5.5 cm. The height of the antenna shall not be considered in deciding a robot's size.
Facts & Figures
Robot size: cubical, 4 x 4 x 5,5 cm
Control: semi-autonomous, assisted by a host computer
Vision: camera above the field
Number of robots: 5 vs 5
Playing field: black, 130 x 90 cm
Ball: An orange ping pong ball
Typical robot electronics: Microcontrollers
Radio transmitters (32 kbps)

Narosot League

Team Spiele Goals Points
1 AUSTRO 1/1 8:0 3
2 Leonding MICROS 1/1 0:8 0