MI20 Twente

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150px-Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg.png Nation

The Netherlands


University of Twente Department of Computer Science

Team History The MI20 team started in 2002 and first participated in the FIRA European Cup in 2003 in Ljubljana. In this championship we played with German robots and reached the 4th place in the Middle League. Afterwards we participated in the following events: (*) FIRA World Cup 2003, Vienna, Austria, This championship took place from Sept 28th to Oct 3rd. MI20 participated in the Middle & Large League (*) FIRA EuroCup 2004, Munich, Germany (*) FIRA EuroCup 2005, Enschede, Netherlands The 8th European Championship took place at the University of Twente June 6-10th (*) FIRA EuroCup 2006, Vienna, Austria March 2-5 at the Vienna University of Technoloy, Dept. of Inteligent Handling and Robotics (IHRT) (*) FIRA WorldCup 2006 Dortmund 11th FIRA RoboWorld Cup 30.6 - 3.7.2006 organized by the Chair Computer Science 1 (*) FIRA European Cup 2007, University of Kosice, Slovakia The 10th European Championship is held 17-20 may 2007. In this tournament we reached the 2nd place in the Middle and Extended Middle League

Manager Mannes Poel
Coach Albert Schoute
Trainer Mark Westmijze